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سیستم های هشدار صوتی

Premier EVACS16 Voice Alarm System

Studies have consistently shown that people respond more readily and with less panic in a fire condition (and other emergency situations) when spoken instructions are used rather than loud electric sounders or bells..

The Premier EVACS 1-16 Voice Evacuation Control Panel has been designed and developed as a stand alone system that will compliment any Zeta Fire Detection System.

The control panel is a modular design, allowing up to 16 channels, units to be networked via RS485.

Each unit has 50 watts output divided to 2 subchannels. Also 2 x 24Vdc is provided to drive alarm when needed.

The Premier EVACS 1-16 Configuration Software lets you easily customise and programme a huge range of the panel’s features including; volume control, trigger matrix, microphone configuration, recording / downloading bespoke alert and evacuate messages.

Premier EVACS 16 Brochure Download

Voice Alarm Systems Product Range

Model Number Descripion Download
EVACS1-16 Premier EVACS 16 Voice Alarm System Control Panel
The EVACS 1-16 is a stand alone voice evacuation unit with twin outputs each capable of delivering voice message up to 2 x 25 watts each. A common evacuate input and a common alert input is included. The unit has a 5.0 Amp integrated power supply and an overiding live broadcasting microphone. Up to 16 units can be networked via RS485 – 1000 metres max.
Installation Manual
5” or 6.5” fire proof metal ceiling loudspeaker 6/3/1.5/0.75W, red fire dome, EN54-24 compliance
CPD Number: 0359-CPD-00273
EN54 Certificate
ZT-08W Wall Mounted Speaker, tapping 1.5W, 3W & 6W
ZT-67Q External Horn Speaker 15W
Micro speaker unit with tappings of 0.33W and 0.5W (White or Red)
A combined speaker and LED flasher unit designed for when both visual and audible warning is needed. Two tappings of 0.33W and 0.5W are available. (Red or Clear lens)


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