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مراکز فرماندهی چهار نفره | شهر و خانه

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مراکز فرماندهی چهار نفره

Quatro Command Centres

Everyone Likes To Be In Control

With the new Zeta Command Centres, we have combined our already proven Fire Detection, Voice Evacuation and Fire Telephone systems into one purpose designed enclosure.

This quite simply means that in the event of an emergency, all the required systems are together in one place, making communication and control of the situation easier and safer.

The Evacs Voice alarm links into the Quatro’s addressable loop, allowing each Channel to be treated like an addressable sounder. This allows individual programming of the alert and alarm messages via the Quatro’s configuration software.

Whilst providing one central point of control, there is still the facility to network further systems to the main panel to provide a solution for much larger properties/projects. Networked Quatro panels will be programmed as usual. For the voice alarm section, our improved commissioning software allows slave modules to be configured from the command centre panel – even if the networked panels are up to 1km from the main panel’s location.

Product Features

  • Up to 8 loops of fire detection with 250 devices per loop. A maximum number of 256 loops possible on a networked system.
  • Centralised Addressable Emergency Telephone System (Fire Telephone) capable of connecting up to 70 emergency telephone sockets. It is possible to select which handsets you wish to communicate with from the Command Centre and also communicate with multiple handsets simultaneously.
  • An on-board dual 25 watt voice evacuation system with live paging microphone is capable of being expanded to 32 X 25 watt channels using distributed amplifiers to make cabling easier and more cost effective. A maximum total of 800 watts is possible.
  • Additional alarm circuits built-in as standard. These are perfect for running the Zeta combined speaker/flasher units.
  • 500 Watt, 16 Amp Internal Power supply.
  • Full PC based graphical management software available.

Quatro Command Centres Brochure Download

Product Range


Model Number Description
QT/1/CC Premier Quatro 1 Loop Command Centre
QT/2/CC Premier Quatro 2 Loop Command Centre
QT/3/CC Premier Quatro 3 Loop Command Centre
QT/4/CC Premier Quatro 4 Loop Command Centre
QT/4-8/CC Premier Quatro 4 Loop Command Centre (Expandable to 8 loops)
QT/5-8/CC Premier Quatro 5 Loop Command Centre (Expandable to 8 loops)
QT/6-8/CC Premier Quatro 6 Loop Command Centre (Expandable to 8 loops)
QT/7-8/CC Premier Quatro 7 Loop Command Centre (Expandable to 8 loops)
QT/8-8/CC Premier Quatro 8 Loop Command Centre

Detectors & Call Points

Model Number Description
MKII-AOP Addressable Fyreye MKII Optical Detector – 8 LED
MKII-AHR Addressable Fyreye MKII ROR Heat Detector – 8 LED
MKII-AHF Addressable Fyreye MKII Fixed Heat Detector – 8 LED
MKII-AOH Addressable Fyreye MKII Opto Heat Detector – 8 LED
ZT-CP3/AD Addressable Fyreye II Resettable Call Point, Surface Mount
ZT-CP3/AD/WP Weatherproof Addressable Fyreye II Resettable Call Point, Surface

Speakers & Speaker Flashers

Model Number Description
Z-CS5/EN 5 Inch Ceiling Speaker – 6W/3W/1.5W/0.75W Settings
ZCS5/EN 6 Inch Ceiling Speaker – 6W/3W/1.5W/0.75W Settings
ZT-08W Wall Mount Speaker 210 x 210 mm – 3W/1.5W/0.75W Settings
ZT-67Q External Horn Speaker – 15W
ZT-SF/W Micro Speaker Unit (White) – 0.5W/0.33W
ZT-SF/R Micro Speaker Unit (Red) – 0.5W/0.33W
ZT-SSF/R Micro Speaker Flasher Unit (Red) – 0.5W/0.33W
ZT-SSF/C Micro Speaker Flasher Unit (Clear) – 0.5W/0.33W

Telephones & Sockets

Model Number Description
ZATS/II Addressable Telephone Extension Socket
ZAHS/II Telephone Extension Handset (DIN Plug)
ZAT/II Addressable Telephone Handset


سیستم شهر و خانه، نماینده انحصاری تجهیزات اعلام حریق ZETA انگلستان در ایران